Meet Dr G

Dr G (Dr Gilbert Price) brings over 15 years of experience in the Earth and Archaeological Sciences to Dig It Up. An active palaeontologist and dating specialist, Dr G is currently working on a range of research project across Australia, Africa and Asia. Although his major research interests are centred around trying to understand the timing and causes of the extinction of Australia’s Ice Age megafauna, he has also worked on a wide range of projects Meet Dr Gspanning across the geological, archaeological and palaeontological sciences.

Dr G has published over 40 papers in international science journals, plus several articles in ‘popular science’ magazines. He has discovered three new species of extinct Australian animals: a long-nosed bandicoot (Perameles sobbei) that he named after a local farmer of the Darling Downs in Queensland; The Invincible Koala (Invictokoala monticola), a bizarre and unusual species of rainforest koala from central eastern Australia; and most recently, Litokoala dicksmithi- a 15 million year old ancestor of the modern koala, named in honour of the philanthropist, aviator and adventurer, Dick Smith. His work has attracted substantial worldwide media coverage, with the findings reported widely in the popular media, including BBC News (UK), Discovery Channel (USA), and of course, Australia (ABC News). His research has even featured in a Discovery Channel documentary. Dr G was the 2013 Queensland Young Tall Poppy of Year, an award dedicated to young scientists for outstanding efforts to communicate the science and stories behind their research.

We’re really privileged to have Dr G as a massive supporter of Dig It Up. He’s here not just to help out behind the scenes, but for you too: he gives his expertise tips, product recommendations, and guidance so that you get the best out of your archaeology, geology and palaeontology tools and equipment. You can read more about Dr G on his research blog at