Archaeological Science essentialsArchaeology tools essentials

Most university archaeology study programs start with a variety of different Arts subjects, but most allow you to get stuck right in to the Archaeology side of things pretty much from the first year. You’ll be immersed in a great variety of different subjects from not only the introductory courses, to more advanced classes such as field methods, science in archaeology, and even forensic archaeology. Each of those classes will hopefully mean that you are out and about, learning hands-on in the field. For all Archaeology students, the basic and common gear includes:

  1. Archaeology trowel (absolutely critical all students)
  2. Hand lens
  3. Field notebook


Archaeological Sciences advancedArchaeology tools advanced

Higher-level Archaeology field classes will typically take on more advanced techniques, and as such, you will need more advanced and specialist equipment. Things like photo scale bars are absolutely brilliant, but specialised excavation tools and other bits of kit will make you the best you can be:

  1. Compass
  2. Photographic scale bars
  3. Precision excavation tools
  4. Specialist digging tools
  5. Rock hammer


Archaeological Science accessoriesArchaeology tools accessories

There are some great optional accessories available for Archaeology students too. They can help out greatly in the field or the lab:

  1. Trowel holster
  2. Safety glasses (especially those with UV lenses)
  3. Gloves