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Have a drink with Dig It Up!

Have a drink with Dig It Up!

One of the things that I have learned during my time on fieldtrips is that there is nothing better than sitting back in a nice comfy chair at the end of a long day, enjoying a quiet drink and talking about your finds. Nothing quite beats it, especially if you’ve had a good day in the field!

One of the other things that I have learnt – and you don’t need to be a palaeontologist,  archaeologist, or geologist to figure this one out – is that when you do sit down at the end of a day, you can never find your stubby holder! Or if you do spot it, someone else has already taken it and are using it to keep their own beverage cool!

Archaeology stubby coolers

Archaeology stubby coolers- three different awesome designs!

But do not alas, poor Yorick, all is not lost! As always, Dig It Up is here to help. And in this case, we couldn’t be more pumped about the latest products in our catalogue- stubby holders! We’ve been thinking about getting these in for some time now – mostly at the request of a few good mates of Dig It Up – and we’re really pleased that we can come to the party… well, figuratively, at least!

We’ve just released three new awesome stubby holder designs to keep your drinks cool. Check them out here for the Voice, the Mind and the Trowel designs.

The thing that I like about them is that they are just awesome quality. Unlike many other stubby coolers on the market, our guys are made from high-quality neoprene; not that cheap, nasty rubber or foam that you might be used to. In fact, the material that our stubby holders are made from is exactly the same stuff that goes into the manufacture of wetsuits! If they can keep a scuba diver insulated when diving the depths of the ocean, then you know that they are going to keep your drink super cool!

Archaeology on the mind stubby holder

Archaeology on the mind stubby holder- have a drink with Dig It Up this Christmas!


A lot of care also goes into their manufacture. They are stitched together using mauser tape (perfect for joining two seams), rather than the standard and lesser-quality zig-zag stitch. The base is also glued in by hand.

We hope that you will love these stubby coolers as much as we do. We’re looking to expand the range in the future, so watch this space!

Ps. I never thought that I’d ever be channelling Shakespeare in a blog about stubby holders!

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